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Hey man, we should hang soon.

Yes good. 

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Happy holidays from us to you. Let this be the coal in your stockings for being on the naughty list 😈… You’ll never guess the surprise guest in this one. The Youngblood chronicles continue tomorrow…


I don’t know if I like this job of yours *humph*

Shhhhhhh my job is great ;D 


8-Bit Pizza

Made this thinking about two of my friends birthdays coming up.

Check out more here at 8-Bit Cinema

or check out my other stuff back at Studio 1-B

why must you hurt me? D:

Tis my job.

Trick Stump: Peter, Peter pizza eater,
had a wife but could not keep her
he put her in a pizza box
and there he kept her very hot
Peter, Peter pizza eater,
had another and didn't love her;
Peter learned to read and spell,
And then he loved her very well.

Because you’re lame, and my heart is totally broken over this.

I doubt that.

 faking it

the bassist of fall out boy
I like pizza and hanging out with my lil human


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